Introducing M.S.P.

More Soul Please (M.S.P.) is an Alternative duo from San Diego, California who specializes in blends of eclectic music types. Their combination of Soulful Rock, Exuberant Funk, and Poetic Hip-Hop rejuvenates introspection in this new era of music. Formed In January of 2019, members Mego (songwriter, vocals, screenwriter) and Drew aka Drewski Woo (producer, songwriter, director) began writing music and visuals together. The name “More Soul Please” is a reminder to encourage artists to not rely on mimicking the trending sounds of today’s industry but to inspire artists to purely create art from the soul. As the world continues to move more into a digital realm they feel art is becoming more soulless. M.S.P. aspires to revive soul back into art.